Sunday, October 03, 2010

Weather Station Update

Ok, if you saw last night’s post, I have gone to the weather station in question.  Here is what I found:



I took this about 11:25 this morning and as you can see, the weather station is south-facing, in full sun.  Now, I don’t know the rules governing how these things are sited, but you can see from last night’s post that the way this one is sited is clearly affecting its results.  I’m sure that the sun heats that cinder block tower up during the day and radiates heat well into the evening.  Also, the way this station is oriented, it will continue to get direct sun well into the afternoon and when the leaves drop here in the next month or so, it will get sunlight for even more time each day.

This location is on one end of a bridge over a decent-sized creek with a pretty good flow.  I would imagine that the creek and the surrounding forest would actually provide a cooling effect in the area.  Except, of course, on the side of a cinder block building in direct sunlight.  Oddly enough, the current conditions look like this:


Right now, about 2:30 pm, it’s the coolest spot in the area.  Out of data points like this, we are supposed to wail and gnash our teeth and spend batrillions of dollars to stop global warming.  Dumb.

How do you think this affects the global warming calculations?


This is the part of North Carolina that I live in:



Seriously, what the hell is going on over there in Montgomery County?  I see that anomaly all the time.  For whatever reason, the light bulb went off in my head.

I think I will drive over there tomorrow and see what I can find out.