Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Ass Hornets

If you go back a few weeks on this blog, you will see a couple of entries about some big ass hornets that I've had buzzing around.  We had a few weeks of cool nights and I didn't see any more, then we had a couple of very warm nights late last week.  Sure enough, I came home one night to find two of them buzzing the light on my back porch.  I got past them and into the house and grabbed my handy can of Raid Wasp and Hornet killer and cut down on them.  Usually, when I hit 'em, they fly off somewhere to croak. Well, these two dropped like rocks onto the porch.  One of 'em was big enough that I thought it might be a queen.   Have a look:

Not the best picture, but I only had a cell phone camera available.  I figure that when all the bajillion leaves I have here drop I will be able to finally find the hive and kill it, although supposedly the queen dies each winter and the next round of queens find a new place to nest.

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